Azimuth Thruster

NGC marine propulsion and transmission equipment have been widely applied in the vessels all over the world. NGC Azimuth Thrusters of FPP and CPP structures can be supplied according to customer’s requirements. The azimuth thrusters are able to transmit the power of diesel engines, electric motors and hydraulic motors to the optimal thrust through Z-drive & L-drive arrangement with highly improved propulsion efficiency and manoeuvrability.

  1. The blades of low RPM and large diameter, together with the high efficiency nozzles ensure propulsion efficiency and reduced noise and vibration.
  2. The modular design of thrusters results in the interchangeability of components by taking the simple and efficient design philosophy from main propulsion, tunnel thruster and gearbox design.
  3. The bevel gears are manufactured in house to Class ISO-4 standards, which are able to meet the requirements of various input speed and power; the high-quality bearings are long life are selected and arranged to guarantee the gear contact accuracy.
  4. The high quality alloy steel and bronze parts supplied by NGC Marine’s own subsidiary factory ensure the reliability at the very prime stage of the blades, hub, spiral bevel gear and the transmission shaft.
  5. The azimuth thrusters are designed with reliable and smart structures and are easy to assemble in virtue of the co-location of built-in clutch, assembly type revolving seals, hydraulic pump and shaft lubrication pump.