FPP – Fixed Pitch Propeller and Shafting

NGC is able to supply the propulsion system including fixed pitch propeller, shafting, stern tube gearbox and other components needed for function. The maximum diameter of propeller can reach 8m, with the maximum obtainable shaft length and diameter of 14m and 1.6m respectively. Our hydrodynamic specialists are able to design different types of propellers with the help of advanced hydrodynamic software for ships with different hulls, and in such a way to realize the optimized math of the main engine, ship hull and propeller in order to increase propulsion efficiency and reduce significantly cavity and vibration.
Technical Properties:

  • Excellent hydrodynamic performance
  • Outstanding shaft designing and package supply capacity
  • Available to supply various types of FPP (nozzle propeller, Skewed propeller, 5-blades propeller and 4-blades propeller, etc.,)
  • High machining accuracy (ISO484-I)


Hydraulic Coupling

NHC/NHF series hydraulic couplings are NGC’s newly developed keyless couplings which are mounted by using hydraulic pressure. NHF series are flange-type hydraulic couplings, and NHC series are sleeve-type hydraulic couplings.

NCP series CPP are widely used as the main propulsion devices in inland vessels, offshore mixed ships, working boats, fishing boats, pelagic vessels and war ships. NGC is able to design and produce 400 sets of CPP per year.
Technical Properties:

  • Assembly/disassembly through hydraulic pressure, which does not need shrink fit
  • Easy to operate, time saving
  • Keyless connection, no stress concentration
  • Applying of intermediate bushing makes the shaft machining easier
  • Strength of components meet the requirements of every Classification Society
  • Torque tests are carried out on products of each series, high safety and reliability
  • Easy to change

  • Mainly apply to the connection of marine propeller shafting
  • Widely used in applications where high torque and fast assembly are needed
  • Two series of these coupling are available