CPP – Controllable Pitch Propeller

The NGC Marine R & D team has developed NCP series CPP in conjunction with leading universities and research institutes from around the world. Propeller diameters cover a range from 1,120mm to 6,700mm and the maximum power can reach 17,000 kW. NGC is a package supplier able to design and manufacture CPP of various shaft line arrangements, such as single screw, twin screws and parallel operation of twin engines, etc. In addition, PTO (power take out) could be attached to CPP system, which is able to drive one or more loads (shaft generator or fire pump etc.) to satisfy the requirement of different ship hulls and functions.

NCP series CPP are widely used as the main propulsion devices in inland vessels, offshore mixed ships, working boats, fishing boats, pelagic vessels and war ships. NGC is able to design and produce 400 sets of CPP per year.
Technical Characteristics:

  • High reliability and supportability; FEM analysis to key parts
  • Low working oil pressure, good sealing and friendly to environment
  • Shaft line-alignment designing and vibration calculation
  • Hydrodynamic design with high propulsion efficiency
  • Simple and easy to operate and maintain